Sunday Sampler: Outbox deadpooled, Tumblr uncooling, Ben Thompson on The Battle Of The Box, Confide is Snapchat for grownups

Outbox — the company that tried to get your surface mail into your email — is the newest member of the deadpool. The company burned through over $20 million in its unsuccessful quest.

Adding to Yahoo’s other headaches (like the recent firing of COO Henrique De Castro, and poor results in advertising), Tumblr’s growth seems to have stopped, according to comScore.

Has Tumblr lost its cool? Perhaps people are spending more time on Snapchat or other chat apps?Or perhaps the unmentionable side of Tumblr — porn — is being impacted by new policies and blocking more objectionable material?

Ben Thompson has a smart piece at Stretechery, called Battle Of The Box, in which he says that Box looks like a better investment than Dropbox,basically because Box has doubled down on the business side, and business customers are easier to market to. Go read it.

PS He offers up this great ad placement:

Matt Weinberger says Dropbox needs to take some actions to justify the $1 billion valuation it got in its recent round (see ), such as building a real ecosystem around the company’s platform. Interesting read.

Confide is a the Snapchat for grownups: a messaging tool where messages are deleted after being read, and screen capture is blocked.

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I haven’t tried this yet, but seems like a cool thing for truly confidential communications. The feature of ‘wanding’ sounds smart.

Eric Schonfeld, Confide is Snapchat for Grownups

Confide utilizes a technique called “wanding,” where text is only revealed 20 to 25 characters at a time as your finger moves over the page. In the event of a screenshot, the offender gets booted out of the app and both parties are notified of what just happened.