What’s up with EMC’s cloud?

Amid all the hoopla last week — VMware(s vmw) buying AirWatch, IBM(s ibm) (finally) selling its server biz to Lenovo, I couldn’t follow up on this interesting NetworkWorld story about EMC(s emc) putting the might of its huge enterprise sales force behind VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Services (vhcs) public cloud. As opposed to say, building and offering its own public cloud, which it could well do.

A reasonable person might have assumed EMC would do this for a few reasons: First, EMC owns an 80 percent or thereabouts of VMware, so it has a vested interest in VMware’s cloud doing well vs. Amazon Web Services, the HP Cloud, IBM SmartCloud etc. In NWW, Wikibon’s Stuart Miniman says EMC selling VMware cloud is like a dad selling his daughter’s Girl Scout cookies.

Second, VMware really, needs to sell that cloud, it’s big bet for its post-server-virtualization game plan and EMC has the enterpirse type accounts that could  fill it out.

If VCHS is to counter Amazon Web Service’s incursion into enterprise accounts, some help from the parent company would come in handy. Indeed, one motivator behind the aforementioned AirWatch buy is that it could bring more workloads to VCHS, as Constellation Group Analyst Holger Mueller reminded me on Twitter.

On the other hand — and here’s where the Girl Scout Cookie analogy breaks down — EMC sales people are renowned for doing whatever makes them the most money — hey they’re human — so if they’ make less selling VCHS, than say Atmos cloud-based storage or Syncplicity or whatever, they won’t. Just ask the Vblock guys how that goes.

The VMware vCloud Hybrid Services stack. Source: VMware

The VMware vCloud Hybrid Services stack. Source: VMware

Neither EMC nor VMware commented for the NWW story, and I’ve reached out to them, but it’s a Sunday and well, you know. I will update this when they respond. Update: n EMC spokesman said the company has not commented on vchs. I will update this when they respond. In any case, EMC CEO Joe Tucci (pictured above) will keynote at Global World Congress next month so maybe someone can ask him.

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Note: This story was updated at 9:19 a.m. January 27 with EMC’s comment.