Lawyers to use more cloud computing

According to MSPNews, “Cloud computing services and technology is on the cusp of mass adoption by the legal industry, according to a report from LexisNexis.”  That means, the next time you see your lawyer for a will update, your will could be out on AWS S3.

While lawyers are famous for not trusting anything, anyone, or any technology, the value that cloud computing could bring to law offices is just too compelling to ignore.  “Nearly three quarters (72.4%) of firms surveyed said they were more likely to use the cloud this year, with adoption levels among attorneys in smaller firms hitting 40% – a number which is 10% higher than previous surveys.”

While the reasons for adoption are more about cost reduction and cost management, the reality is that the growing use of cloud computing causes fewer legal, privacy, and security issues than originally predicted a few years back.  Thus, law firms, like other organizations, see the cloud computing coast as clear.

The growth of cloud computing within law firms should increase at about the same rate as other companies in the short term.  While there are potential issues, the cost and speed-to-market advantages are just too attractive to these firms.