New reports shed light on Samsung Galaxy Glass, Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch

When Samsung reported its Q4 earnings last week, the company said that it plans to expand its reach further into the wearables space.  And according to two new reports, it looks like the company might be working on two big new devices – a sequel to its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, as well as Galaxy Glass eyewear designed to compete with Google(s goog) Glass.

According to sources that spoke with ZDNet Korea, Samsung is going back to the drawing board for the Galaxy Gear 2. The new smartwatch is said to feature a completely new design. Samsung is swapping out “all the parts that looked dull or boring.” It isn’t clear what exactly those elements might be, but Samsung is also said to be using a flexible OLED screen for the new watch, as opposed to the Super AMOLED panel used in the original. And though the Galaxy Gear only came out in September, this report pegs a March or April release date for the sequel. This means it could be timed to launch alongside the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Galaxy Gear camera

Another report in the Korea Times suggests that Samsung is also working on a pair or smart glasses designed to compete with Google Glass, tentatively dubbed Galaxy Glass. Samsung is reportedly hoping to launch these glasses by September at IFA, which might get them to market sooner than Google makes its Glass available at the consumer level. 

The report also mentions how the glasses could work. They might display alerts, and allows users to take calls and listen to music. These functions sound a little rudimentary, so I hope they are only some of the features Samsung would offer. On the other hand, they match up with information in a patent for “sports glasses” filed by the company last year.

Once thing is clear, though. As the wearables space heats up, for Samsung to succeed it will need to do more than simply be first to market.