Sprint ramps up LTE in 40 new markets, but still nothing in SF, Seattle

Sprint(s s) continues to add new small cities and towns to its LTE footprint by the dozen, but two of the largest and most tech-focused cities in the country, San Francisco and Seattle, still haven’t seen a lick of LTE coverage. This is getting embarrassing.

On Monday, Sprint said it has rolled out LTE in 40 new markets (you can see the full list here), including some sizable cities like Milwaukee, Salt Lake City and Providence, R.I. The carrier is now bragging about a footprint encompassing 340 markets, but that boast is open to interpretation. For instance, in its list of cities, Sprint counts the borough of Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn/The Bronx as four separate markets, while most of us tend to think of them as one city New York.

And while Sprint has done an admirable job of bringing LTE to smaller towns like Del Rio, Texas, and Racine, Wis., it’s still absent from many major metropolitan cities, including Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit and even the country’s capital Washington, D.C. Sprint has stopped releasing figures for total population covered, which would likely make it painfully obvious how far behind its competitors the company is.