Picture-centric LinkedIn rival Somewhere reveals new investors

Berlin-based Somewhere has been around for a while (I covered it back in March 2012) and over the last couple of years it’s morphed from being a recruitment platform for hip companies to being more of a straight-ahead LinkedIn(s lnkd) competitor, albeit with a much more visual, less corporate slant.

The revamped service certainly seized the attention of Gigaom Research’s Stowe Boyd, who reckons it could be “the start of something.” It’s a far cry from the legacy CV-driven format – users answer various questions about their selves and working practices, and each answer has to be accompanied by a picture. It almost comes across like a work-focused cross between Instagram(s fb) and Tumblr.

Somewhere Justin McMurray

And now Somewhere has announced a bunch of interesting details about its development, including the involvement of former Podio chairman and serial entrepreneur Thomas Madsen-Mygdal as chairman and founding angel investor, and the arrival of three more angel investors: Podio co-founder Jon Froda, and Postshift and Headshift co-founders Lee Bryant and Livio Hughes. The firm hasn’t revealed how much funding it has received, though.

Somewhere has also secured the somewhere.com domain, which is handy. For now, however, it remains in invitation-only mode. “There’s still a lot of work ahead, but we’ve found the balance and direction in the product,” Madsen-Mygdal told me. “[We have] lots of engagement from beta users.”