Syncplicity moves beyond file sync-and-share content to context

Syncplicity has announced new mobile apps for the file sync-and-share application from EMC. Knowing that the workforce today is increasingly mobile, Syncplicity has introduced a mobile-first strategy with a new user experience.

But much more importantly, they realize that users do not want to negotiate a deep folder hierarchy on a mobile device, and they will surface recently used files instead of restricting the user to searching. And they are using predictive analytics — based on knowledge of what’s on your calendar, for example — to create so called insights: context-relative actions.

For example, here’s a screenshot of Syncplicity suggesting sharing documents with meeting attendees following a meeting:

sp 1 cropped

There’s a lot of richness in these ‘insights’, where context can inform action based on the intention of documents. I imagine scenarios from my own workflow. Last time I edited a specific document, I sent it along to David Card, VP of Research at GigaOM Research. So, after I edit it the next time, Syncplicity might ask if I’d like to send to David.

Taken all alone these examples seem minor, but given a dozen or more insights a day or week, it becomes the sort of innovation you could not live without.

Syncplicity has also taken big steps on the security side, building an enterprise grade file sync-and-share solution that will keep your IT staff happy, too.

I wonder why Box, Apple, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Google haven’t taken similar steps. I bet they are going to be considering it, now.