Watch: Video might show Apple’s iOS in the Car in action

Last week brought some attractive potential photos of Apple’s(s aapl) upcoming iOS in the Car feature, and now the same developer who shared them, Steven Troughton-Smith, has a video that might offer an even closer glimpse. The video shows the car-based feature being run via an iOS software simulator for developers.


The feature seen here is being run in an 800 x 480 simulator window. Troughton-Smith claims iOS in the Car is already present in iOS 7.0.3, though it can’t be accessed by default. As you can see, this video matches the look and feel of the images shared on Apple’s site, with a horizontal bar across the bottom of the screen. This is different from the images Troughton-Smith shared last week, which are believed to be from the forthcoming iOS 7.1.

According to Troughton-Smith, the video doesn’t show many of the features that will be present in the final version. These include:

  • Supports Multiple Resolutions
  • Supports touchscreens (presumably single-touch?), hardware buttons, wheels and touchpads
  • Does not support multitasking – car display will always show same current on-screen app as iPhone (which can be locked/asleep)
  • Whitelisted to specific Apple apps – no public API for developers [yet?]
  • Has no keyboard UI – voice recognition as input
  • UI clearly subject to change
  • Missing functionality in video is due to iOS Simulator not containing all the stock iOS apps

Either way, this video makes the feature look fast and fluid, so hopefully that aspect won’t change. Apple is believed to be introducing the feature when it releases an update to iOS 7.1, which is currently in its fourth beta with developers.