Cloudmunch brings its unified devops tool to Windows Azure

Cloudmunch, the startup that wants to wrap all your favorite devops and continuous integration tools into one easy-to-use integrated  package, now supports Windows(s msft) Azure.

The Seattle-based company launched its product for (what else?) Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, added support for Cloud Foundry in November and now can fill in the Windows Azure checkbox, no doubt pleasing its neighbors across Lake Washington.

As I wrote at Cloudmunch’s launch in April 2013:

Many developers like to cobble together their own software-development-test-and-deployment platform(s) to take their code from inception to adoption. Give them a Github account, a Jenkins server for continuous integration and their tool set of choice and they’re happy. But CloudMunch, a Seattle-based startup is banking that many developers would be perfectly  happy to pay for a service that integrates and manages all of that for them so they can just — well just build software.