AWS pushes out new reporting tool for EC2

AWS now offers a new reporting tool for the EC2 cloud computing platform. This will make it quite a bit easier to track how EC2 customers are using their regular and reserved instances, and what it costs them.  AWS users have been asking for such a tool, and AWS seems to be listening.

Earlier this month, AWS launched a new Billing Console that gives users a dashboard with colorful graphs to keep track of their cloud computing costs across Amazon’s services.  This new reporting tool is yet another step in becoming a bit friendlier to the thousands of enterprises that are now moving to AWS.

Of course, there are other tools from third party providers that AWS users can leverage to provide similar functionality.  These seem to be better choices if AWS is not your only cloud solution, and if you manage multi-cloud environments.  Right now, that seems to be the majority of enterprises.

However, many users want quick and easy to use tools that are native to their public cloud providers.  AWS understands this, and is stepping up to the plate.