Leaked S Health screenshots could point to upcoming change in Samsung Galaxy UI

After sharing a leak of the potentially new Samsung “Life Times” app last week, SamMobile has now gotten its hands on some screenshots of a purported update to Samsung’s S Health app. If these screens are real, they might point to a potential change in Samsung’s UI design.

Samsung S Health

If you’re already an S Health user, you’ll notice some little tweaks here. The biggest difference is that the app features an overall flatter look, which keeps it more consistent with Google’s(s goog) Android 4.4 KitKat design language. That’s pretty interesting, since it fits in with a report last week that Samsung is planning to modify its current UI to more closely align with Google’s own vision of Android. It’s possible that this is just an early example.
There are some other changes here as well. There are now more options in the app, and you can view and control more information from a single screen. But none of these updates are as telling for what to expect in the future.
The screenshots are said to have been taken from a device with the model number SM-G900H. That fits in closely with the model numbers detailed in another leak from last week, which suggests the device running the app could be a Galaxy S5. Keep in mind that at this point everything is still purely speculation. But in order to make the Galaxy S5 stand out, I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung introduces a fairly significant software redesign.

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