AT&T ends program that paid T-Mobile users to switch service

Less than one month after introducing a program that paid up to $450 to T-Mobile(s tmus) users to switch their service, AT&T(s t) has called the offer off.
Both the Wall Street Journal and T-Mobile CEO John Legere noted the end of the promotion on Monday. Legere took to Twitter to write:

Legere digs aside, the end of the promotion isn’t really a big surprise (come to think of it, Legere’s tweet isn’t much of a surprise either). AT&T stated it was a limited-time offer when it first introduced the program, and still managed to add over 800,000 subscribers in its fourth quarter. So perhaps it isn’t feeling the pinch of T-Mobile quite as much as it had expected. Or perhaps it has another new deal in the pipeline.
Either way, you can still save some money at AT&T with a recent deal that shaves $100 off your bill every time you add a new line.