EverythingMe is the contextual Android app launcher you have to try

Heavy app users with Android(s goog) devices will appreciate EverythingMe, a home screen app launcher that modifies which apps are shown based on your location or the time of day. The app is similar to how Cover and Aviate — the latter¬†recently bought by Yahoo(s yhoo) — both work. ¬†Context helps your phone identify and highlight the software you’re mostly likely to use in a given moment as the phone begins to understand how you actually use it.
EverythingMe has been in beta, where it saw more than 2 million downloads, but as of Tuesday, is available to the public through the Google Play Store.
EverythingMe shows the apps you’re most likely to use in the Prediction Bar on the bottom of your screen. So it won’t take over the entire display with suggested apps. You can add or remove home screens and still install or use traditional Android widgets as well.
everythingme morning
The software also categorizes apps into a few dozen groups using a feature called Smart Folders. When you install a new app to follow your favorite hockey team, for example, the app automatically becomes part of the Sports Smart Folder, making it easier to find. And the search bar atop the home screen acts more like a universal search, seeking out matching results from your apps, contacts and the web.
While I personally prefer a native Android home screen experience, I like the way EverythingMe intuitively knows which apps I’m going to use throughout the day; it may take a few days for the launcher to get to know you, but I find it’s a real time saver once it does.