Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement reportedly confirmed for Feb. 24

It looks like the Galaxy S5 might arrive a little sooner than expected. The New York Times is reporting that Samsung will announce its long-awaited flagship smartphone at a press conference on February 24.
There’s been plenty of speculation about the announcement since Samsung sent out invites to the “Unpacked 5” press conference earlier this week. According to the Times, Samsung will ditch the overblown theatrics of previous Galaxy S launches (like last year’s gala at New York’s Radio City Music Hall) in favor of something a little more low key. I wouldn’t exactly call the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona low key, but it would be toned down from the Galaxy S4 announcement.
To be honest, I’m actually a little surprised by this news. I know that Samsung hinted at the Galaxy S5 in a not-so-subtle reference on its press conference invitations (which, as mentioned, is called Unpacked 5), but given the company’s tendency to do everything in such a big way, I expected it to hold a separate event shortly after MWC, like it did last year.
On the other hand, another recent report suggested that Samsung is planning to align its Android(s goog) devices more closely with Google’s vision for the operating system. This toned down product announcement could signal a shift in strategy, wherein the company spends more time emphasizing the quality of its smartphone features rather than the quantity. We’ve already seen some potential software leaks, and they look to be improvement over what Samsung has offered in the past.
Samsung didn’t provide a comment to the Times, and aside from an announcement date, there’s no new information about the phone provided in the report.