HP announces its first Chromeboxes, coming this spring

HP(s hpq) announced the HP Chromebox Thursday, the company’s first foray into the Chrome-powered(s goog) desktop arena. Few details were available, but one thing’s for certain: Those colorful little Chromeboxes sure are cute.
Geared toward non-mobile use — like at home or at school — the HP Chromebox is one of the nicer looking Chromeboxes I’ve seen. It’ll be available in four colors, including white, black, silver and turquoise (which are some of the same colors from HP’s Chromebook 14 line). Dimensions weren’t provided, but HP said the box is small enough to place in a travel bag and can be mounted to the wall or the back of your monitor.
HP’s Chromebox features an HDMI and DisplayPort, along with four USB 3.0 ports. And it’s powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor, just like the recently announced Asus Chromebox. What isn’t clear, though, is price. The new Asus line starts at just $179. That means HP will need to come up with a competitive number if it wants to win out on more than looks alone.
Google’s Chrome is just one OS in HP’s OS-agnostic world. It also sells Windows-based(s msft) machines and Android tablets.
HP says the Chromebox will be available this spring, and more details and pricing will be shared then.