Pinterest targets international users with revamped mobile site

Within the last year, Pinterest has been keeping an eye on global expansion, primarily by translating its platform into a handful of new languages, including Korean, Finnish, and Russian. Now, users in those countries (and all over the world) will have a better mobile experience, as the company announced a sleek mobile redesign that makes international accessibility much easier.
“As we launch in new countries around world, we want to make it easy for everyone to access Pinterest—no matter where you are or what device you’re using,” Tracy Chou, Pinterest’s software engineer and a key player in the redesign according to TechCrunch, said in a blog post. “That’s why we recently updated our mobile website.”
The new Pinterest for mobile is a cleaner, pared down version that includes features seen on the platform’s web and native app version — including its “more useful” pins and related pins feature.
“As people are increasingly using Pinterest from a mobile device, we want to make sure they have a great experience whether they’re on one of the apps or accessing from their phone or tablet (especially as we move into countries where people’s first experience may be with the mobile web),” the company told Gigaom via email.
Mobile devices are a big traffic driver for Pinterest: according to the company, 75 percent of the platform’s traffic comes from native mobile apps on iOS (s aapl) and Android (s goog). With an enhanced mobile browser version of the website, it’s likely that the share of mobile activity will get even greater, as those who don’t have the access to apps will get a similar experience.
But, Pinterest isn’t just widening its global reach with this redesign. The new site could be ripe for its burgeoning ad network, announced in September, and a possible next step in opening up new streams of revenue for the company.