Rdio teams up with Tesla for its first automotive integration

Music subscription service Rdio is getting into the automotive game, and it’s got an interesting partner for its first integration: Tesla is going to use Rdio as its default dashboard audio service in Europe, the car company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk announced at a recent town-hall meeting in Amsterdam.
During the event, Musk said that the Rdio integration will match the way the car’s dashboard system integrates with Slacker in the U.S., meaning that consumers will be able to play any song from Rdio’s catalog of 20 million or so with a simple voice command.
So why did Tesla chose Rdio and not the more popular competitor Spotify? Musk was asked that very question in Amsterdam, and had an interesting response:

“Spotify is a good option. You could play it through the Bluetooth… Initially, Spotify wouldn’t work with us to integrate it into the car. In the long term, that might change.”

Just going by the numbers, this is obviously a fairly small integration for Rdio, but it will be interesting to see whether the company will use this as a starting point to seal some deals with other car makers as well. I’ve asked Rdio about the cooperation, but have yet to hear back, and will update this post once I do.
Check out the entire video of Musk in Amsterdam below, with him talking about Rdio starting at about 8:35.