Roku to open up home screen themes to third-party developers

Cute little monsters are coming to your Roku box home screen any day now: The company will launch the ability to replace the default Roku home screen with customized themes next month, Roku SVP of Product Management Jim Funk announced at Appsworld in San Francisco Thursday.
Developers will be able to build their own themes and sell them through Roku’s app store. These themes, or skins if you will, still follow the general Roku home screen structure, but developers will be able to swap a number of graphics to give users a chance to personalize their Roku experience. Check out a photo of one of the themes Funk showed off at the event below:
Themes are one more way for Roku as well as developers on the platform to make money after consumers have bought the device. Roku started offering billing services to developers some time ago, and Roku CEO Anthony Wood recently told me that services are the fastest-growing revenue segment for his company.