LG Chromebase is $599 in Australia. Could the US see a $499 price tag?

LG’s all-in-one Chromebase computer will sell for $599 in Australia when it launches in April, according to PC Authority. The company hasn’t announced official pricing in other markets, but based on currently available Chrome OS(s goog) devices in both Australia and the U.S., we could see the Chromebase for under $500 in the next two months.

LG Chromebase octane

The Chromebase is unique because it’s the first Chrome OS device built into a large desktop monitor. The device has a 21.5-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution that can be used as an external monitor for another computer or tablet. LG has a matching mouse and keyboard with Chrome OS shortcut keys. Included are 2 GB of memory and an Intel(s intc) Haswell processor, similar to many of the recent Chromebooks on the market.

When I spent time with the Chromebase at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, I suggested the price would be around $500. I still think that, even though LG hasn’t yet announced the cost here in the U.S. market.

chromebook 14 australia

I looked at currently available Chromebooks in Australia through Google Play as a reference this morning. The HP Chromebook 11 and Acer C720 Chromebook each cost $399 in Australia, while the HP Chromebook 14 is $499. Those same devices in the U.S. are currently priced around $279, $229 and $299 respectively. With a $599 Chromebase cost in Australia, a U.S. price of around $459 to $499 sounds right to me.