Apple reportedly in talks with Time Warner Cable for new Apple TV content

Apple(s aapl) and Time Warner Cable(s twx) certainly aren’t strangers, but the companies still haven’t paired up where it makes the most sense: Apple TV. And as rumors of a new Apple TV continue to swirl, Bloomberg has added fuel to the fire with a report that Apple is currently negotiating with Time Warner and other service providers to add new video content to the next Apple TV.
This isn’t exactly uncharted territory, as Bloomberg reported similar talks last summer, and further back in 2012. What’s interesting now is some potential information about the device itself as well as a possible release date. Bloomberg says the next Apple TV will feature a faster processor (which is pretty much a given), as well as a new interface that makes it easy for users to navigate between television, movies and other content. There’s no mention of the app store or gaming support reported last month.
Bloomberg says the device might be introduced as early as April, with a release date closer to the holiday season. This is subject to change, based on Apple’s ability to secure deals with programming and distribution partners. Even if the announcement date does get pushed back, even by a few months, that still seems like an awfully long lead time to me.
It also isn’t clear just how Time Warner’s content would be integrated into a new Apple TV box. Would it be a standalone app on an over-the-top box that requires users to be current Time Warner subscribers, like the iOS app? Or would it be more along the lines of a standard cable box that you rent monthly from Time Warner and use to access your cable?
Ultimately, this report actually raises more questions than it answers. But it does give increasing certainty to the idea that a new Apple TV is coming, and it’ll be quite different from versions past.