The Nokia Lumia Icon for Verizon is finally official, available Feb. 20 for $199

After months of rumors, the Nokia Lumia Icon for Verizon Wireless(s vz)(s vod) is finally here. Or at least it will be on February 20, when the phone goes on sale for $199.99 with a two-year contract. It’s been a long time coming, but it looks to be a pretty solid handset.
As rumored, the Icon features a 5-inch, 1080p display, which is a nice middle ground between many of Nokia’s 4.5-inch devices like the Lumia 928 and 1020, and the humongous 6-inch Lumia 1520 “phablet.” The Icon is still somewhat on the big and heavy side, though, at 5.39 x 2.79 by 0.39 inches and 5.86 ounces. But then again, most Lumia phones tend to skew large. The phone comes in either white or black, and the back of the device is polycarbonate. The front features a gently curved Gorilla Glass 3(s glw) screen and there’s a metal frame around the edges, which looks sharp.

Lumia Icon White

The Icon is powered by a 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm(s qcom) Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 processor and runs Windows(s msft) Phone 8 GDR3 along with Nokia’s Lumia Black update. There’s 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, along with 7GB of free Skydrive space. The phone’s 2420mAh battery can be charged wirelessly via the Qi standard.
The most intriguing feature is the 20-megapixel PureView camera, which, judging by the specs, sounds identical to the camera in the Lumia 1520. It features a Carl Zeiss lens with auto focus and optical image stabilization. Like the 1520, the Icon is capable of capturing 5-megapixel oversampled images, along with 19-megapixel (4:3) or 16-megapixel (16:9) full-resolution photos. I found the camera in the Lumia 1520 to be solid, though not quite as good as the 41-megapixel Lumia 1020.
I’ll have a review of the phone up by the time it becomes available on February 20, but it looks like another solid Windows Phone option for Verizon customers.