Yahoo’s Aviate app for Android gets smarter when you listen to music

Like listening to music on your Android(s goog) phone? Then you’ll probably also like the newest feature added to Yahoo Aviate for Android called Listening Space. The software intelligently groups all of your music applications and shows them whenever you plug headphones into your handset. And when listening to tunes, Aviate’s Listening Space(s yhoo) will fetch relevant information about the music playing.
listening space
The new Listening Space joins Aviate’s other Spaces, or bundles of apps that appear based on your location or time of day. Work apps appear in the launcher when your phone’s location is at work, for example. When dining out, Aviate will show relevant apps such as Yelp, Foursquare and Zagat.
The overall idea behind Aviate — which Yahoo purchased in January — is to make your smartphone smarter through context. Listening Space extends those smarts into audio entertainment. Information about the currently playing artist complete with biographical information, upcoming concert dates and tweets from the musician. The app will also recommend other music apps you may not have tried yet.
I think Yahoo was smart to buy — and even smarter to add more features — to Aviate. Now that mobile app stores generally have an app for nearly every purpose, sifting through pages of installed apps isn’t a great use of time. Instead, our handsets should be able to surface important apps at the right place and time as Aviate does.
Aviate is still in a private beta, but you can install it from the Google Play store and use the code “MUSIC” to gain access.