Ex-Hulu CEO Jason Kilar taps a few more former colleagues for his Fremont Project

The Freemont Project, the digital magazine startup launched by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, continues with its tradition of hiring former colleagues away from the video service.
Fremont’s new director of finance Brent Conkling had the same job at Hulu; Anthony Di Muccio, who joined Fremont as an ad sales manager this month, did the same at Hulu before leaving for a very brief stint at Condé Nast; and Fremont’s new director of advertising Steven DeMain was also a long-time Hulu employee, working in the same capacity for the video service before Kilar hired him away.
Kilar reportedly wants to offer digital magazine content through an exclusive, windowed subscription service, and ad revenue seems to be a key part of that model — just the way it was at Hulu. However, not everyone is sure that the Hulu model will work for ads. Count our own Mathew Ingram among the skeptics. Earlier this month, he wrote:

“Jason Kilar is obviously a smart guy, and Hulu is a fairly sizeable success story, even if you include the disputes among the partners about the future of the entity that ultimately led to Kilar’s departure. But I don’t think the vision of a similar service for magazines and/or newspapers is going to work.”