Fertility-tracking app Clue gets funding and new advisors

The menstrual cycle tracker app Clue has picked up a €500,000 ($683,000) seed round, and also taken on Heroku co-founder Adam Wiggins as a technical advisor.
Berlin-based Clue has a few rivals, notably Glow. The big difference there is — or was — that Glow was focused on users who wanted to get pregnant, whereas Clue is more generalized. However, last month Glow brought out a new version that also included functions for women who want to avoid getting pregnant.
But Clue has a trick in store: hardware.
What kind of hardware, we don’t know yet. The company is being very tight-lipped about it, even though CEO Ida Tin hinted at the move last year. It’s probably worth noting that Wiggins will, according to a statement, “assist in building and scaling Clue’s engineering team and technical infrastructure necessary to support the upcoming developments for Clue 2.0.”
Another good sign: one of Clue’s co-founders is Mike LaVigne, former creative director at the very reputable Frog Design.
“Reproductive health is a huge problem space which has seen hardly any innovation in the past 20 years. The potential in this market is huge, and I believe Clue has the right team, the right product, and the right timing to go very big,” Wiggins, who was Heroku’s CTO for six years until last May, said in the statement.
The funding comes from Berlin’s most ubiquitous angel, Christophe Maire, as well as serial investor Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (who had already invested in Clue), angel Joanne Wilson and New York’s Luminary Labs Ventures.
This post was updated on 20 February to note it was Luminary Labs Ventures specifically, not just Luminary Labs, that invested.