Dayframe brings photo slideshows to Chromecast

Ever since Google (S GOOG) first introduced its Chromecast streaming stick, people have been wondering how to replace the device’s default photo background with their own snapshots. Now you can — sort of, anyway: Android picture frame app Dayframe just published an update that brings photo slideshows to Chromecast.
Dayframe originally launched with the idea of turning your Android tablet into a kind of customizable picture frame, complete with the ability to play photos from Facebook (S FB), Dropbox, Instagram or Google+ as slideshows. Now, those very same slideshows are also playable via Chromecast — if you unlock the “Prime” version of Dayframe through an in-app payment, which will cost users $3.
I had a chance to play with the Chromecast feature of Dayframe a little bit this week and liked it, even though there is some room for improvement. As it stands, Dayframe will either display the entire photo on your TV, which leads to big black bars in the case of a snapshot taken in portrait orientation, or it will zoom in and animate photos in a Ken Burns-like fashion to fill the entire screen. At least when I tried it, those animations were kind of choppy.
But what’s great about Dayframe is that it also scours a number of Tumblr blogs, Flickr (S YHOO) accounts and even Instagram feeds for curated takes on design, fashion and other topics that look great on your big screen. There is even a feed for screengrabs from films by Japanese animation god Hayao Miyazaki, which can be a great way to switch things up if you are starting to get sick of Chromecast’s default homescreen HDR imagery.
Check out a demo video of Dayframe for Chromecast below: