Is Verizon throttling AWS?

Verizon denied a charge that it is “limiting bandwidth” to Amazon Web Services, and, by extension, Netflix, in response to a recent court decision.  However, a security expert and their own customer service charges say different.
As you my recall, a Washington D.C. appellate court struck down the Federal Communication Commission’s net neutrality rules.  The ruling states that the FCC cannot regulate ISPs as it pertains to ISPs treating content differently as it comes through the ISPs.  This includes throttling, or limiting certain providers, such as Netflix, or even cloud providers.
However, Verizon says it has not changed its connection policies since the net neutrality rules were struck down.  The focus here has been on Netflix, and, of course, the Netflix platform that runs on AWS.  With Netflix obviously taking revenue away from Verizon, who is also a streaming movie provider, it’s logical to assume that Verizon would limit Netflix content, if given the chance.
The notion of throttling won’t be well accepted by those who pay ISPs for access to Internet services.  If ISPs begin to limit access to popular services, such as Netflix, users will quickly find a way around the limitations, or go to ISPs that agree not to limit access.