Here On Biz may pick up where Dopplr left off

I encountered Here On Biz, a new business social network, that is trying to leverage the mobile lifestyle as a point of entry to this somewhat crowded market place.
Here On Biz leverages the location of your mobile device (currently only iPhone) to set context for an immediate set of contacts to communicate with. The app connects with services like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook, so you can pull in existing contacts, although they have to be using HOB as well.
The UX is relatively simple. Here’s the main landing screen, if in fact you are somewhere with other users nearby. In my case, in Beacon NY, I saw no one nearby. I will give it a try when I am next in NYC or San Francisco. I don’t know what radius around the user they are using, but I wish I could choose, like I could with the now deadpooled Brightkite. In my case, I could push the radius out to 60 miles and see people in NYC.
If you were lucky enough to have connections, you could find out more about them by clicking on their avatar:
And then you could chat with them:
I loved Dopplr, the innovative ‘ships passing in the night’ application that was acquired by Nokia and left to slowly die. You could use it to find out who of you connections was in the vicinity right now — at least down to the city granularity — its strength lay elsewhere, allowing users to share travel plans and discover who would be around when you landed in London or New York City. I think that this is one of the most interesting use cases for Here On Biz  as well.
While the real time aspect is interesting — and is the ostensible reason they are partnered with Virgin America on a promotional launch that allows people on VA flights to connect and chat — the best reason for this app — after people have gotten connected to a reasonable number of actual business (and personal) contacts — will be to reconnect with people you already know. The Tinder-like opportunistic business serendipity side of things makes for a better demo than any enduring value, I think.
One last observation: HOB feels like a mobile chat-oriented version of Brightkite, which was an app I really liked and used daily, but which was deadpooled years ago.