Oracle and Rimini Street trade claims of victory in long-running legal spat

A federal judge has found that Rimini Street, which offers third-party support for enterprise software, infringed on some PeopleSoft copyrights. But Judge Larry Hicks, of the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas,  also found that Rimini Street did not infringe on Siebel or J.D. Edwards copyrights, as alleged by Oracle.
The rulings are the latest wrinkle in a four-year old case filed by Oracle(s orcl), which owns PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards, against Rimini Street. Oracle had previously sued TomorrowNow, a support company acquired by SAP(s sap) — a top Oracle rival — with similar claims. In that case SAP ended up admitting liability. Rimini Street CEO Seth Ravin was also co-founder of TomorrowNow.
Both parties said they were pleased with some aspects of Hicks’ ruling.
This “is an important vindication of Oracle’s intellectual property rights,” said Oracle attorney David Boies.  “As the Court’s ruling explains, Rimini Street has used illegal and unlicensed copies of PeopleSoft software as the basis of its business.”
Rimini Street is “pleased the Court finally ruled on some important issues in the case, allowing the four-year old case to now move forward,” a spokesman said via email.