Xervmon serves up multi-cloud monitoring and management suite

Xervmon got its start helping customers manage their costs on the major public clouds — competing with such companies as Cloudability and Newvem, now part of Datapipe. Now it’s digging deeper — the latest version of its software — available as of this week — will monitor and manage workloads across Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, Rackspace(s rax), and Digital Ocean public clouds, said company co-founder Babu Jayaram.  Support for Microsoft(s msft) Windows Azure and OpenStack is also planned. Xervmon also supports the HP Cloud Matrix private cloud implementation.
The Houston-based company is pitching its product as a full-service IT management suite — available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and eventually on-premises as well. The goal is to let companies plan, budget, design, deploy, manage and migrate workloads across cloud providers as needed from a single dashboard. That’s a bold vision and one that established player like Rightscale and upstarts like Copper.io are also touting.
Pricing is based on number of servers managed. Jayaram and co-founder Sudhi Seshachala come to this cloud management work honestly. They initially consulted with Houston-based energy companies, helping them manage their cloud infrastructure. From that work they saw booming demand for a product that lets companies track and manage multiple clouds — private or public — from one console. That gives the user — if that user is the CIO, the CEO, a line-of-business manager, DevOps or IT Manager, role-based access through a unified Xervmon console
Jayaram (pictured above at right) said Xervmon’s server migration capabilities are a particular draw among early testers which include cloud service providers.
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