HTC launches Advantage program with free cracked screen replacement

HTC is sweetening the pot for anyone who buys a device from its One line of handsets. The company on Tuesday introduced HTC Advantage, a free program that promises the latest Android(s goog) updates, free Google Drive storage and one-time screen replacement for new One device owners.
Here’s a quick breakdown of what HTC is promising:
Free cracked screen replacement
If you break the screen on your One device within six months of purchase, HTC will replace it for you for free. As long as you’re willing to wait eight to ten days to get it back, HTC will send you a free shipping label to return the phone for repairs. If you want it back faster, you can pay $29 for a replacement phone to be sent overnight.
Commitment to Android updates
HTC has promised that it will keep its current line of One devices up to date with major Android updates for two years from the launch of the device.
Free Google Drive storage
This is a promotion I’m starting to see from a lot of manufacturers, but HTC is also jumping on board with 25 to 50 GB of free Google Drive storage space for two years. That’s helpful since the HTC One lacks a microSD card slot.
It should be noted that HTC Advantage is only available in the U.S. right now, and only applies to handsets purchased on or after February 18, 2014 in the HTC One line (which includes the HTC One, One Max and One Mini).
I feel as if a commitment to Android updates should be standard at this point, but recent stats show that clearly isn’t the case, so I like HTC’s promise to update its handsets. The free screen repair and Google Drive storage don’t hurt either. There’s no word on whether this program will apply to the forthcoming HTC One follow-up, but it does add some value to current One devices.