Sneak peek: How to drag and drop Chrome OS apps in folders (video)

Want to organize your Chrome(s goog) apps in Chrome OS or Chrome for Windows(s msft) and Linux? You can do just that if you have the latest Developer or Canary version of Chrome or Chrome OS. You’ll need to enable the feature for application folders but once you do, you can create app folders simply by dragging and dropping one app onto another.
Here’s a short video demonstration to show what it looks like, courtesy of Google evangelist, François Beaufort:
Beaufort often highlights new features in the Chrome codebase and shared this tidbit on his Google+ page on Monday. He explains that to enable the feature, you’ll need to type chrome://flags in your Chrome address bar. Find the enable-app-list-folder flag and set it to enabled. Upon restarting Chrome, you’ll have the new drag and drop folder feature.
This version of Chrome and Chrome OS also supports app folder synchronization. That means if you activate the enable-sync-app-list flag, your app folders will synchronize across any Chrome sessions on other supported devices as well.
The drag and drop function reminds me very much of how Android handles folder creation, suggesting a more unified experience between Google Chrome and Google Android; something I suspect we’ll see more of throughout this year.