Windows Phone 8.1 may include a swipe style keyboard

When Windows Phone 8.1(s msft) arrives in the next few months, it could bring a faster typing experience. UnleashThePhones shared a video on Tuesday showing the updated keyboard that lets users type by swiping across keys, only lifting a finger at the end of each word.
The video, which I found via The Verge, doesn’t show any close-up images, but you can clearly see a blue line between keys when swiping to different characters. The keyboard appears similar to both Swype and SwiftKey, which have long been popular keyboard replacements on Android(s goog) devices.
This addition to the Windows Phone keyboard will certainly be a welcome improvement, but after using Windows Phone for the past two years, I’m quite happy with the current software keyboard. As a default, I think it’s better than the keyboards on both Android and iOS(s aapl), although on Android, of course, users have always had the option of using a third-party keyboard.