Leaked HTC One 2014 picture shows dual rear cameras

HTC is planning to introduce its newest HTC One on March 25 and if the reliable @evleaks is correct, this is what the phone will look like:

Rumors of two rear cameras appear valid based on the leaked press shot of the new HTC One, although it’s not clear why the phone has two image sensors on its backside.
Last year’s HTC One used “Ultrapixels,”¬†or larger pixels, to capture more light, which worked really well in low-light situations. However, the overall camera quality left some wanting more. Perhaps one of the two sensors is an improved Ultrapixel low-light camera while the other one is for more general shots. There also appear to be two LEDs for flash photos, similar to Apple’s iPhone 5s(s aapl).
Aside from that, there’s little shown to differentiate the upcoming HTC One from the prior model. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however. The original One was well designed and built solidly with a rounded back that fit nicely in the hand. HTC was close to having a major hit last year as there was a lot to like about the One. With camera improvements as well as more capable internals — look for a faster quad-core chip inside — a minor revamp could do wonders for HTC’s falling smartphone sales.