Surprise: Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center resembles Android’s Quick Settings

Additional details of Windows Phone 8.1(s msft) leaked on Wednesday, following a video walk-through earlier in the week showing a new swipe style keyboard expected in the software update. This time, we’re getting a closer look at the Windows Phone Action Center, which mimics the pull-down shade for notifications and Quick Settings in Android(s goog).
Unleash The Phones, which provided the earlier keyboard video, has a short demonstration showing off the Action Center:
Based on the video, the new Action Center will let users change certain device settings with a single tap without having to navigate directly to the Settings application. Think of these as handy shortcuts that are always available by pulling down the Action Center.
Android has supported this type of one-touch settings shortcut for some time and Microsoft isn’t the only company that will mimic Google’s approach. Apple(s aapl) added a new Control Center in iOS 7 that is very similar, although users swipe up from the bottom of the display to access it. Regardless of who designed which software, it’s a useful approach that helps people take more control over their phone without digging through menus.