Beware of false cloud profits

According to Austrian Financial Review, in an interview with Adrian Di Marco, executive chairman of ASX-listed software company ­TechnologyOne, Mr. Di Marco “has hit out at a growing army of ‘false prophet’ consultants and systems integrators who claim to be able to provide expert advice on cloud computing strategy, saying they waste customers’ money and are a blight on the industry.”
“The last thing people should be doing is going to someone who will charge them a fee to give them advice on the cloud and just tell them to take what they have and whack it into the cloud . . . a lot of people have been profoundly misled,” Mr Di Marco said. “There are so many of these consultancies out there that are jack of all trades and masters of none, just trying to eke out a living. I think they are a real blight on our industry.”
While I’m sure that those who provide the advice would disagree, it’s interesting that there is this kind of backlash around “cloud experts” who are guiding enterprises to the cloud.  The naysayers are typically linked to the larger consulting organizations, system integrators, and some technology providers, for sure.
The fact is, we have a clear talent shortage out there.  Enterprises that seek cloud computing experts may have to deal with those who know very little about cloud computing, but think they do.  I run into enterprises that are acting on bad strategic advice that requires them to hit the reset button once millions have been spent.  So, I am all for vetting your “cloud experts” before you write the checks, but I wouldn’t paint them all with the same brush.  Enterprises need help in this arena, and there are those “who will charge them a fee to give them advice on the cloud” who are well worth the money.  However, as with anything,  buyer beware.