Shop ’til you drop: First look at a shopping list app for Google Glass

Google Glass(s goog) is great for capturing first-person perspective images, but the device isn’t a one-trick pony. Thanks to third-party apps, owners can use Glass to stay awake when driving and even help save lives. The wearable computer┬áhandles more mundane, yet useful, tasks too.
Shop [x] for Glass is a perfect example. The app is still in the early stages and aims to be a simple shopping list app for Glass when it debuts in May. Here’s a first look at an early alpha version:
Shop [x] for Glass is pretty basic at the moment: You can only create a list, view it and delete it. But developer Ryan Kopinsky knows that and is getting great feedback from early adopters. Among the suggestions so far that he’s received and acknowledged:

  • Showing items on different cards to make it easier to manage the list
  • Checking off items
  • Pushing an existing shopping list to Glass
  • A price and deal check feature
  • Integrating recipes with shopping lists to automatically create a list of required items

Of course, there are a number of shopping list apps readily available for smartphones, so Kopinsky isn’t going to reinvent the wheel here.
Instead, he’s looking to bring a utility to Glass so that you don’t have to pull out a smartphone to create, manage or fulfill your shopping list, the same as using Evernote with Glass. That way your eyes could be focused on the store shelves and other shoppers instead of walking the aisles with your head down. For that reason alone, I think Glass is a better device for such software.