Report: Galaxy S5 to go on sale in three weeks

Samsung hasn’t even announced the Galaxy S5 yet, but there’s already a tentative release date. According to GSMArena, a Samsung executive has confirmed the company’s next-generation flagship smartphone will go on sale in three weeks.
Samsung is holding a press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, where it is widely expected to introduce the Galaxy S5. Typically Samsung has waited about a month between announcing a new Galaxy S handset and getting it on store shelves. The Galaxy S4, for instance, was announced back in March of last year and released just over one month later in April.
This timeline would only give Samsung about a two-week window to bring the phone to market, which is closer to Apple’s(s aapl) typical timeline for the iPhone. It makes sense, though. HTC is expected to announce a follow up to the HTC One on March 25. By making the Galaxy S5 available a few weeks before that, Samsung has a greater opportunity to capitalize on potential HTC costumers.