Airbnb ups safety, now requires working smoke detectors, first aid kits

Airbnb residents will probably be able to breathe a little easier now that the company announced today that all listed rooms and apartments in the U.S. must abide by safety rules, including installing of working smoke detectors carbon monoxide detectors and providing first aid kits.
In addition to the new requirements, Airbnb vendors must also fill out an emergency card for guest use in case of unforeseen events. All of the information will also be prominently featured on listings, to show compliance with safety guidelines.
It’s surprising that it has taken Airbnb this long to make fire safety standard, especially considering the fact that hotels and motels are federally required to have working fire safety detection technology, and have been for nearly 25 years. Carbon monoxide detectors are also required on a state by state basis. But becoming compliant with these laws will not only help guests in the long term — it’ll likely stave off regulators looking for ways to curb Airbnb’s growing competition against hotels.