Amazon raises price of Prime in U.K. and Germany as it rolls in Lovefilm streaming video

Amazon (s AMZN) is rolling together its Prime and Lovefilm Instant services in the U.K. and Germany. Starting February 26, U.K. and German Prime members will be able to stream movies and TV shows as part of their Prime memberships, just as they can in the U.S.
As a result of the rollup, the prices of a Prime membership in the U.K. and Germany will increase to £79 (USD $131) and €49 ($67) per year, respectively — though customers who sign up for a trial by February 26 will be able to lock in a price of £49 ($81) in the U.K. or €29 ($40) in Germany for their first year. Previously, Amazon had charged £49 per year for a U.K. Prime membership or €29 per year for a German Prime membership that included unlimited one-day shipping and access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Meanwhile, a Lovefilm Instant subscription had cost £5.99 or €4.99 per month, with access to about 15,000 movies and TV episodes in the U.K. and 12,000 in Germany.
Lovefilm Instant members who don’t want the fast shipping and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library will have the option to just keep paying £5.99 per month for video, the Guardian notes. (By contrast, U.S. Amazon customers can’t get an Instant Video-only subscription.) Existing U.K. and German Prime members won’t see a price increase until their subscription renews.
Lovefilm also offers a DVD shipping service, “Lovefilm by Post,” that will continue to operate.
The changes come at a time when Amazon is considering increasing the price of a Prime membership in the U.S. by somewhere between $20 and $40. In the U.S., Prime has cost $79 per year since its launch nine years ago.
Amazon bought out Lovefilm in 2011.
This post was updated Friday morning to reflect that the changes are taking place in Germany as well.