Analytics the way nature intended

Humans are born analysts. We have inherent skills that help us make sense of the vast amount of information that surrounds us. We can detect patterns, spot outliers, sort and categorize information, enabling us to go where our inclination guides us.
These skills serve us well when it comes to finding meaning in big data. In the same way animals forage for food, we forage for information. Hunting and scavenging are basic human skills that help us explore the data around us. We find greater insight when we can browse and examine lots of information in a natural way, rather than rummaging for insight in a predefined, rigid path to data.
So is it possible for analytics tools to support our innate abilities and bring meaning to big data? At Qlik, we believe it is. Using a technology and design approach called Natural Analytics, we empower people with technology that works to support our natural, critical skills, not against them.
“For me, a principle requirement is that a data tool should not merely present a predetermined view of the information, however clearly and concisely,” said Donald Farmer, the VP of Product Management at Qlik. “Visualization is compelling, however, visualization alone, is not enough. Rather, users must be able to discover new scenarios, ask the next question, and bring fresh understanding to a problem.”
It’s not just about the data — it’s about the truly important insights we uncover with technology that can accelerate our instinct to discover, naturally.