Olympians weren’t the only athletes in Sochi

The Olympics were the highlight of Sochi over the past couple weeks, but they weren’t the only activity taking place in the city. According to data from fitness-tracking startup RunKeeper, 286 users of its mobile app in Sochi during the games — Olympians and others visitors — participated in nearly 900 different activities and ran more than 2,000 miles. The data might not be too interesting in and of itself, but it is as part of the bigger picture about collecting data on how people exercise.
As RunKeeper Founder and CEO Jason Jacobs will explain during a session at our Structure Data conference next month in New York, knowing who’s exercising, as well as when, where and how, can expose new insights about health at both a global and individual scale. Along with Nike, Fitbit, Jawbone and a number of other companies newly dedicated to tracking users’ activities, RunKeeper might soon be able to provide actionable information about why some people are healthier and how we might all get healther should we choose to go down that route.
Here’s an infographic highlighting what all its users were up to in Sochi.