Cloudyn applies its cloud monitoring and optimization expertise to Google’s cloud

Cloudyn customers around the world are taking control of their AWS deployments and maximizing their cloud ROI with our full suite of tools available for managing and optimizing their deployment.
With AWS serving up agility, scalability and affordability, all nicely packaged with a wealth of supporting services, Amazon has led the public cloud. And Cloudyn has focused on providing the most in-depth and comprehensive offering for AWS.
But the cloud is changing, and tech giants with global infrastructure and very deep pockets are getting into the game. Google is one of those players, and it has hit the cloud running.
That’s why Cloudyn has gone multicloud, taking its AWS know-how and applying it to Google Cloud.
Companies using Cloudyn’s multicloud tools for comparing usage costs and assessing porting feasibility from one vendor to another are now well-equipped to not only take control of their entire cloud deployment but also efficiently move workloads to the cloud best suited for them.
As cloud computing has become a given, enterprises are paying more attention to things like cost, performance and availability. Coupled with growing cloud options, inquiring minds — from devops to finance — want to know where they will get the most cloud bang for their buck.
In response to this growing need, Cloudyn has already embarked on new development for additional clouds — both private and public —while continuing to broaden and deepen our solutions for AWS and Google.
Take charge of your multicloud costs today and try Cloudyn now!