Azuqua says it will make SaaS integration as easy as point-and-click

If you’re a CIO like Chiquita Brands’ Kevin Ledford, your company’s new applications will come in the form of Software as a Service — whether they’re from crm) CRM, Workday(s wday) human resource management, Office 365(s msft) for mail and collaboration or Tidemark for enterprise analytics. Now your problem is how to knit all those outsourced services together so data you need from one will flow into the other in a way that makes sense.
That’s the problem that Seattle startup Azuqua proposes to solve. Founded by Microsoft veterans Nikhil Hasija (pictured above) and Craig Unger, the company on Tuesday launched a business optimization service that promises to let even non-techies connect their SaaS applications using a simple drag-and-drop screen.
Azuqua_Gallery_Example In some respects, Azuqua (the name is a combo of “Azure” and “aqua” — partly because the service runs on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud), competes with offerings from ZapierIFTTT, and SnapLogic, but Hasija said Azuqua also lets users embed their own logic into the process.
Many companies follow Twitter(s twtr) to track customer sentiment about their products, but in most cases they simply funnel the tweets to customer service. “That’s just connecting the fire hose from one end to another. We uniquely let them add logic in the middle,” Hasija said. So a product complaint would automatically be routed to customer service for a support ticket or apology and a product rave would go to marketing, for example. Azuqua also will sync coworkers’ calendars using Asana, Evernote, Google Docs and Trello. Pricing will be based on number of processes connected.
The company, which has about a dozen employees, is a TechStars graduate.