Google to expand Android’s “Verify Apps” security for apps after installation

A current security setting in Android(s goog) will be improved to help keep apps from doing bad things even after the app is installed. The “Verify Apps” feature is already part of Android but only checks for potential malware and security issues upon installation. With the change, Android will continue to monitor apps after installation, Computerworld’s JR Raphael said on Thursday.
Raphael spoke with Android lead security engineer Adrian Ludwig, who detailed why the “Verify Apps” function is getting an improvement:

“At this point, there really is a collection of services that we’re starting to think about as the Google security services for Android. We want to make sure there is no single point of failure within our platform so users can be protected.”

The new feature will arrive in a Google Play Services update for all devices running on Android 2.3 or better. Based on Google’s own dashboard that tracks the versions of Android devices connecting to its Google Play Store, that’s essentially all of them at this point; just 1.3 percent run a lower version. So this is a widespread improvement in Android security, although users can disable it in their Android settings if they choose.