Sleepless in Computerland: What IT trends keep you awake at night?

If you are like most IT professionals, you’re losing sleep over three major concerns: security, compliance and auditing. But rest assured, you can sleep again. There are cost-effective ways to safeguard your organization’s environment and, in the process, actually add value to your business.
In fact, you can gain business agility through security. For starters, you can control system access. Use your existing technology to lock down access, ensuring that the right people get the right access from standard users to highly privileged users.
Another security measure is the implementation and enforcement of sound policies. Do this by leveraging a single, trusted source to consolidate uniform policies that result in centralized and enterprise-wide controls. What’s more, make sure to respond and report. Make the auditor happy by delivering real-time notifications and detailed audit reports.
Lastly, make sure to focus on securing those most desirable accounts: privileged accounts. Privileged account management can range from shared credential management to platform-specific delegation. It may also include most of the audit functions needed to enforce access control and separation of duties. When combined with end-user identity intelligence, you’ll be able to establish a common policy set for privileged users and accounts, including the ability to certify those accounts with elevated access rights.
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