Google Hangouts for iOS just got better — maybe better than Android, even

Die hard iOS(s aapl) fans are likely heavy duty iMessage users and for good reason. Don’t overlook what Google(s goog) is doing with Hangouts, though: Hangouts 2.0 for iOS brings some nifty new features, making the messaging app even better on an iPhone than on Android!
Google’s Frank Petterson shared news of the updated software on — where else? — Google+ Thursday evening. Hangouts 2.0 for iOS is completely redesigned. It looks much better than the old version includes new features and is optimized for iPad users who install it.

For starters, Stickers are like a type of animated emoji that can be added to any message. You can also record and send short video messages to contacts. And location sharing with your peeps now includes map embeds, which is handy for getting a group together outside of the matrix.¬†Hangouts still supports free audio and video calls, so those features haven’t gone away.
Will Google pick up a ton of new Hangout users on iOS from this redesign? I doubt it will see a significant bump. But for those who like to use Google’s services on Apple’s hardware, this is a welcome update sure to have Android fans greener with with envy.