Atlassian opens up marketplace to cloud apps

Atlassian is opening up its online marketplace so that third-parties who build add-ons for its on-premise bug-tracking and collaboration tools can also develop versions for its SaaS products said Nick Wade, director of ecosystem and marketplace.

The company’s new Connect 1.0 framework will let developers build add-ons that work with on its OnDemand cloud products — and the first priority after that is to enable those add-ons to run on-premises as well. For now, customers wanting to run add-ons in-house can use the company’s SDK or pick from the 1,500 or so add-ons already available in the marketplace.

Wade and Atlassian president Jay Simons (shown in the photo above left to right) characterized this as a win not just for the vendor but for hundreds of third parties who can now address a bigger market — 33,000 companies use Atlassian tools like Jira, Confluence, or Stash — in their on-demand or on-site incarnation. Atlassian has paid out $20 million to these developers in the marketplace’s two-year life span, they added.

“This means Atlassian’s OnDemand cloud applications are now as extensible as our behind-the-firewall applications have been for the best part of a decade,” Wade added via email.

This news comes a week after Atlassian, a privately held company based in Sydney, Australia with offices in San Francisco, launched Atlassian Git Essentials tools to run Git-based development projects from cradle to deployment. The suite includes Jira work trackingStash in-house repository management; BitBucket repository hosting and management; and Bamboo automated workflow development.

Various Atlassian tools compete with Github; IBM(s ibm) Rational products and Microsoft(s msft) toolsets as well as a bevy of startups, like CloudMunch, coming online.

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