The weekend review: PaaS for 2014, security and more

With the conclusion of RSA, security has been top of mind. This week on Gigaom Research, Matt Sarrell summarizes the current outlook for the modern IT security leaders. Popular reports also  include Derek Kerton’s take on the future of CXM for mobile service providers and our most recent Sector RoadMap.

First, make sure to check out the Sector RoadMap: Platform as a Service (PaaS) in 2014. According to author David Linthicum, “PaaS will change more than any other sector in the cloud computing space over the next several years” and will become increasingly “more difficult to define as it morphs with other cloud models, including IaaS and SaaS.” The report breaks down the current market landscape, scoring key platform vendors against the principal disruption vectors at play.

Second is Derek Kerton‘s piece, “The future of mobile customer experience management,” or CXM. With more-complex devices, late adopters becoming users, and fragmentation in the OS and hardware, there is plenty of opportunity to improve customer satisfaction. Although carriers are cautious due to privacy concerns and network impact, one cost-saving trend includes remote control for customer support. By breaking away from the one-size-fits-all model, service providers show great promise in interacting with their user base in new ways.

Last, Matt Sarrel examines the shortcomings of traditional security and management processes and best practices for the modern enterprise network in “Application awareness: using data inspection to create context-sensitive security policies.” Market forces such as BYOD, cloud applications, and device proliferation call for IT leaders to test and implement new security controls closer to the network edge to keep pace with rapidly increasing exposer.

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