Yahoo wisely follows Facebook’s path in mobile ads

AdAge reported today that Yahoo is following Facebook’s lead by focusing on app publishers as it tries to breathe life into its mobile ad business. The longtime portal told the publication it has partnered with “an initial group of advertisers” looking to boost uptake of their apps by placing click-to-download ads on Yahoo’s content feeds for Android and iOS devices.

Yahoo remains an also-ran in mobile, of course: The company’s recent efforts to boost its online traffic appear to¬†have been fairly successful, and while roughly half that traffic comes from mobile devices, its revenues from smartphones and tablets is less than impressive, as AdAge notes. But Facebook was a pioneer in the distribution of web-based apps for PCs, and the massive social network has blazed a trail by leveraging its mobile ad inventory to help publishers increase downloads of their offerings for smartphones and tablets. Yahoo’s mobile audience is still substantial, which is reason enough to believe it can succeed by following Facebook’s lead.