Based on Android web usage, Samsung gains at Motorola, HTC’s expense in US, Canada

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is launching at just the right time in North America to continue a growth trend. Based on web usage data, mobile ad network Chitika says Samsung accounts for 55 percent of web traffic on Android devices in the U.S. and Canada; a jump of 8 percent since the last such study in July 2013. HTC, which is hoping for a hit with its new HTC One later this month, lost 3.5 percent share and Motorola(s goog) followed by losing 2.5 percent of its share since last July.

web traffic Chitika March 2014

Chitika’s data shows that Samsung doesn’t even have a close rival in North America when it comes to measuring web traffic share.

While HTC and Motorola lost ground, Google surprisingly gained it; likely through sales of its Nexus 5 phone and Nexus 7 tablet. The company’s devices account for 2.1 percent more web traffic during the study period although Google devices still lag behind most major competitors; all of which are Google hardware partners save Amazon(s amzn).

In terms of device type generating web traffic in the U.S. and Canada, it’s still a smartphone world. Handsets accounted for 78.6 percent of all Android web traffic in the study, while tablets made up the remaining 21.4 percent. As the lines blur between smartphone and tablet, however — phones with 6-inch or larger screens, for example — I anticipate the distinction will lessen in the future.